My Gift to You


I’m giving away a free copy of any one of my audiobooks to thank you for supporting my creative efforts. This offer is limited to those living in the US or UK and to the first 50 people who request one.
Hopefully, many of you will love the free audiobook so much that you’ll leave a review, but this offer is not contingent on you committing to do so.
You can find my audiobooks on Amazon and Audible by typing Russ Towne into the search field. Please tell me the title of the one you want and I’ll send a link to you that should enable you to receive it. I’m new at using this audible feature so there may be a false start or two before I work out the kinks.
I’ll likely need your email address to send it to you. You’re welcome to email it and the title of the free audiobook you select at
May your days be filled with blessings
With love,
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Truth Finds a Way


Truth always seems to find ways to reach the light. I think that’s another great reason to try to live life in such a way that one never needs to fear the truth.

With love,


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My Mantras


Below are the mottos I live by that have become so ingrained by repetition that they’ve become habits. My life has been profoundly enhanced by taking them to heart and living them:

Expect nothing.

Be grateful for everything.

Treat life as the great adventure that it is.

Do everything with love.

If any of you ever see me not living up to them, please tell me.

Thank you.

With love,


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A Kind Act on a Tough Day



A woman who is having a tough day does a small kindness for an unknown stranger that causes ripples felt around the world.

Kindness on a tough day

May your days be filled with blessings.

With love,


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Heroes​ Come in All Ages


A quick-thinking nineteen-year-old crane operator saves fourteen people from a burning building.


With love,


Story source: Leo @ Not All News is Bad

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Longshots Now in Paperback!

My first western romance title, Longshots of the Heart, is now available in paperback format!

Longshots of the Heart

Book Basic 6x9

Book Basic 6×9

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88 Important Truths

I enjoyed reading the eighty-eight things listed in the post linked below that the author considered to be important truths and agreed with nearly all of them. I especially liked #11.

88 Important Truths

With love,


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