This Could Be a Huge Breakthrough

Snippets from an article I just read via Leo @ Not All News is Bad:

“Researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia have created a prototype of an alternative battery that runs on carbon and water.

“This is the first-ever rechargeable proton battery, an energy storage solution that runs off on cheap, environmentally friendly materials.”

Battery Breakthrough

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The Force Fights Bullying

The Force Fights Bullying

The link above is to an article about a girl who came home in tears after wearing a Star War shirt to school and bullies said Star Wars is only for boys. What happened next touched me and made my day a bit better.

May your days be filled with blessings.

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Heeeeeeere’s Sunny!


My latest children’s picture book Sunny Saves the Day has been released via Amazon in hardcover format.

Sunny Saves the Day

It will be released in softcover format shortly Kindle eBook format eventually.  Jack Wiens illustrated it and Kristi Towne did the book design. I dedicated “Sunny” to Raiden Towne, our grandson who inspires me with his good-hearted nature and delightful disposition. Raiden is the youngest child of our son Brian his wife Kristi.

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Cute as a…


Our son Brian holds Raiden, who appears to either be a bug or an alien, perhaps an alien bug.

Raiden is such a sweet, good-natured child that he inspired me to dedicate my latest picture children’s book to him, Sunny Saves the Day. The hardcover version of this title is now available on Amazon. His mother Kristi did the book design for it. I plan to show the cover to you in another post.

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Let There Be Light


Several of you asked how our home addition and remodel incoming along. Now that the electricians have begun installing light fixtures and other electrical do–dads I’ll be better able to show the progress and results to you. I originally planned to start with our new master bathroom but the electricians haven’t finished in that room due to technical issues and my photos came out blurry, but I can at least show the shower to you. It’s a door-less walk-in and wheelchair accessible (thinking ahead as we’re not getting any younger). A pane of special safety glass will extend from the top of the half-wall in the foreground to the ceiling.


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Early Bloomer


The early bloomer gets the glory as this little show-off demonstrates how it’s done to her budding community on one of my cherry trees. Warm weather (75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit) in February after heavy rains has inspired blooming buds throughout Silicon Valley (formerly known as the Valley of the Hearts Delight.) Too few fruit trees remain in a valley once largely carpeted by them. I make it a point to soak in the beauty of their flowers whenever I can.

I fondly remember walking through cherry orchards on windy days as a child while white and pink petals fell and swirled around me as snow flakes in a storm.

Speaking of fruit trees, I see that a brand of trees called “Fruit Cocktail” is now available for sale. They are grafts of multiple varies of fruit grafted onto a single tree. I’ve seen some with three varieties of apples or cherries, and some with pears, peaches, etc.

I plan to buy one the Fruit Cocktail triple-cherry trees when our remodel and addition are done. Instant cross-pollinization!

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One of My Favorite Things to Do

I read three of my children’s picture books to a class of Kindergarteners today and loved every minute of it. Their reactions to the stories and their questions after each were delightful. When I’d read all three I asked which was their favorite. Here was the vote count from the class of fifteen:

6 MZ’s Magical Day (My newest in hand.)

5 Wilbur the Duck Who Flew Upside Down  (My top-selling book to date.)

4 Clyde and I  (My first book.)

I’m encouraged that my newest stories are getting higher vote counts. I like to think I’m improving as a writer. I also like that all three stories were favorites to at least 20% of the youngsters.

I look forward to being invited to read for other classes of K-3rd Graders.

With Love,



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