“My Life Got Bigger”

I just read some of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s MIT speech and found it inspiring, refreshing, and powerful, especially this part:

“Measure your impact on humanity not by the number of likes but by the lives you touch; not in popularity but in the people you serve. I found that my life got bigger when I stopped caring what other people thought of me. Yours will too.”

Source: David L. Harris, American City Business Journals

With Love,



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All Hail the Queen!

Sir Alex Dragon 1_1024x768

I’m pleased to introduce Queen Isadora from my latest children’s picture book project titled Sir Alex Sleighs a Dragon illustrated by Jack Wiens.

An Invitation

My other dragon book, Flora Belle and Dreami Dragon, is within weeks of being released. I’d love to send a sneak preview copy of this story and some of its illustrations to anyone who be willing to read it and provide some comments I can consider using for the back cover and elsewhere for marketing purposes. Please note that the story is not yet in book form, and due to space limitations not all comments are likely to be used.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you’d like to accept my invitation.

Thank you!

With Love,




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When Will I Learn?

A friend just reminded me that I can either judge people or I can love them. I’m amazed at how often I forget that love is the answer to so many questions. It’s such a simple concept that I often overlook how true and powerful it is.

I’m often disappointed when I project my expectations on others  My expectations corrode relationships, and my acceptance and love heals them. When will I truly learn and model this truth? My life and my attitude always improve when I accept others and focus on the blessings they provide by being in my life. I’ve got a lifetime of work continuing to become the person I want to be. It’s an ironic tragedy that when I focus on “fixing” others, I stop growing myself.

For me the way to bliss is love, acceptance, connection, gratitude, and listening to the whispers of my heart.  I ask you as my friends that whenever you experience me projecting my expectations on others that you kindly bring it to my attention. It may take a 2 x 4 to the head.

May your day be filled with blessings.

With Love,


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Any 5 Softcover OR 3 Hardcover Signed Books from this List for $20!

Plus FREE SHIPPING via Media Mail. All books will be signed by their respective authors (except the anthologies involving many writers.) While supplies last. I’m sorry, but due to much higher shipping costs and substantially greater paperwork required for international shipping, I’m unable to offer this deal to non-U.S. residents at this time.

Choose any 5 soft cover OR 3 hard cover titles from the list below.

Written, Compiled, and Published By Russ Towne:


Stop Peeing on the Kitty Litter! Humorous and Heartwarming Views of Parenthood

Honest, Honey! That’s How it Happened!

Reflections from the Heart of a Grateful Man


Slices of Life An anthology of the selected non-fiction stories of several writers.



Touched Short stories and flash fiction

Palpable Imaginings An anthology of fictional short stories by several writers in various genres.


Books for Young Children

The Beach that Love Built

Tickletoe Tree Poetry

A Day in the Shade of a Tickletoe Tree

The Grumpadinkles

Zach and the Toad Who Rode a Bull

Misty Zebracorn

V.G. and Dexter Dufflebee


The Duck Who Flew Upside Down

Clyde and Hoozy Whatzadingle

Clyde and I Help a Hippo to Fly

Rusty Bear and Thomas Too

Clyde and I


Written by Jen Barton:

If Chocolate Were Purple


Written By Scott Washburn:

The Best Bear Hugs Ever

Please email me at russtowne@yahoo.com and tell me which 5 softcover titles OR 3 hardcover titles you want, along with your name and U.S. mailing address. I will send you a PayPal invoice and will package and hand-deliver your signed books to the U.S. Post Office.

Thank you!

With Love,


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Big Hearts and Small

Having a big heart can lead to greater pain when it breaks, but having a small heart leads to a lifetime of suffering.

With Love,



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Makes Sense to Me

Little Johnny and his mother returned from the grocery store and began putting away the groceries.  Little Johnny opened the box of animal crackers and spread them all over the table.
“What are you doing?” his mother asked.
“It says not to eat them if the seal is broken,” Little Johnny explained. “I’m looking for the seal.”
Source: www.mikeysFunnies.com
May your days be filled with blessings.
With Love,
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You Have More In Common With The World Than You Think

I was deeply touched by this powerful video despite having a pretty good idea what would happen.
With Love,


We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.

William James (1842-1910)

The things that make people interesting are their unique talents. Like someone whose guitar playing moves us, or someone whose storytelling captivates us, whose art transports us, whose passion inspires us to change the course we’re on.

Sadly some things that make us different also divide us, like the colour of our skin, our level of education, our societal status, our culture, our belief system. Different takes us out of our comfort zone, makes us feel vulnerable. The unknown is frightening.

So we vilify those who aren’t like us. ‘They’ are less civilized, less intelligent than us. We create rules and laws that hurt them. We find ways to protect ourselves from them while overlooking the injustices we impose upon them.

The above quote is a good metaphor to clearly illustrate how we are all connected. What…

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