Yoga is All The More Appealing When Baby Goats Are Involved

Clever idea! Yoga and massage at the same time. This takes kidding around to a whole new level.
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Move over, hot yoga, there’s a new yoga trend in town: yoga with baby goat. You can’t bleat that! Jenness Farm in New Hampshire held a yoga class attended by baby goats, who naturally think that yoga poses are meant to be climbed on.

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Just Sitting On My Porch

Wisdom, truth, love, and beauty in a single post. May every day of your lives be full of such blessings.
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The Chatter Blog

I was sitting on the porch.

Evening was fast approaching.

I was slowly unwinding.

I felt him looking at me.

Just to my left.

I look.

He is looking.

But I already knew that.

I say what?

He says do you have any idea how beautiful you are?

I scoff.

He holds my gaze and says I know you don’t think you are beautiful but I know you are.

I don’t know what he knows.


I know love.

Just sitting on my porch.

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IMG_1353This post is to celebrate all those who are taking the risk to unfurl from a safe bud so the world can experience their beauty. May you find the world appreciative and supportive, and your efforts inspire others to begin their own unfurling transformation.

With Love,


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My Office Mates


My office mates Penny and Sadie are easy to work with. I enjoy their company. They’re always glad to see me and don’t even complain when I growl and bark at them.  They’re a fetching pair and we have a ball together.

With love,


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This is one of the things I see from my outdoor office. It reminds me of my Beloved and makes me smile. She found the piece and collected all the treasures the little girl is looking at. It reminds me of her and of the innocence of children. It occurs to me as I type this that so much of the beauty in my life comes from or through my Beloved, and I’m filled with gratitude.

With Love,


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Today’s Quote

May being yourself continue to make the world a brighter place.

With Love,

Soul Gatherings

owl I

To be yourself in a world
that is constantly trying
to make you something else
is the greatest accomplishment.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

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The irony

Is not lost on me

That no matter

How hard I try

I’ll never know

How long I’ll live

Until the day I die.


With Love,


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