Golden Gifts




I love the tradition described in the link and snippets below.  May the tradition expand throughout the world.

It began in 2014, when a Boston widow carefully wrapped her engagement and wedding rings in paper, along with “a very sweet note,” and dropped them in one of the Salvation Army’s ubiquitous scarlet buckets, Forster said.

“I’ve dropped my wedding ring in your red kettle knowing that the money from its sale will buy toys for needy children. In all seasons, my husband was a giver,” the widow wrote.


Days later, a former bell-ringer came forward and offered $21,000 for the set. Also a widow, the woman wanted to return the rings to their rightful owner.

Forster arranged for the women to meet, he said. “The public became very enamored of the story,” Forster said, after media stories ran about the exchange. 

Sources: Leo Not All News is Bad from KSAT12

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P.S. The rings in the photo are the ones my Beloved and I gave to each other when we got married. As they are still in daily use they are not being donated.

Golden Gifts

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Full Circle–in-the-back-of-an-ambulance/2017/12/04/5f3fa24a-d92a-11e7-b1a8-62589434a581_story.html?utm_term=.998da0788785

What a fun story! It put a smile on my face.

My brother Roger and his daughter Jodi are both medics. I’m not sure what their actual titles are but they work for their town or county’s fire department providing on-site emergency medical treatment and saving lives. How cool is that?

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Holiday Humor

As a little girl climbed onto Santa’s lap, he asked her the usual question, “And what would you like for Christmas?”
The child stared at him open mouthed and horrified for a minute, then gasped: “Didn’t you get my text?”
[forwarded by Cathy Kirkwood]
December is the month when the kids begin to discuss what to get Dad for Christmas. Some insist on a shirt; others a pair of socks, and the argument always ends in a tie.
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I just read an article I found fascinating about “Landscrapers.” Some snippets:

“…a “landscraper,” a building as long and as horizontal as skyscrapers are tall and vertical, and it could represent a shift in the very shape of the places where people work.”

“Google’s London flagship will be 1,082 feet long, which is 66 feet longer than The Shard, London’s tallest building, is high. The new building is comparable to the iconic Empire State building (1,250 feet) in New York.”

“…ThyssenKrupp has recently sold the first elevator that can move up, down, sideways and diagonally—controlled by magnetic levitation—to a residential building in Berlin.”



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An Interesting Day

Today was the beginning of the two-day Loma Prieta Holiday Crafts Faire in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains.  It’s the first time I’ve been there.

The day started a bit rough. When I got to my space at the event it was unusually narrow and deep, creating only five frontage feet facing the foot traffic and squished between a towering 8-foot tall exhibit on my left and the next exhibitor on my right only five feet away. My table is 6 feet wide by about 30-36 inches deep, so I couldn’t put the wide part facing the participants’ walkway as I’ve always been able to do at other events. That meant I had only 30-36 inches of table actually facing the crowd versus the 6 to 10 feet I’ve usually received (even for “half-spaces.”) Only three of the fifteen titles I brought were visible from the Walkway and if prospective buyers wanted to see any of the other books on my table they had to squeeze through a narrow space to see them; a space often blocked by other participants.

Then as I began to set up I discovered I’d accidentally left the box containing all the copies of my top seller Wilbur The Duck Who Flew Upside Down (aka The Duck Who Flew Upside Down) at home. OOPS!

As it turned out, despite the challenges, I greatly enjoyed the day and the people, and had one of my best sales days ever. I sold twice as many books in the first hour than I did all day at another event last month.

I love to people watch as I find our species endlessly fascinating. Here are a few other memories I came away with today:

A woman picked up my book of poetry titled Kaliedoscope, read two or three of my poems, and exclaimed, “I need this! Thank you!” What writer wouldn’t be delighted by that reaction? My smile lingered long after she paid for the book and went on her way.

It was fun to conspire with people who were trying to select just the right books as gifts for their grandchildren and great grandchildren. One person bought five of my children’s books.

The event featured a couple of hours live music (singing and bands) in the afternoon. We were all treated to songs about the holidays and other fun music. There were quite a number of people swaying to the music as they shopped or helped customers. I was one of them. One shopper’s large dog apparently found a part of one of the songs irresistible because every time that part of the song was repeated, he’d bark to the beat of it.

Toward the end of the day, a woman I’d never seen before and who was probably between thirty and forty years old walked up to my display and caressed the cover of one of my children’s books. She then turned facing me and asked if she could hug me. I nodded. When the hug started she began to cry and rested her head on my shoulder. I didn’t know what to say, so I just stood there hugging her back. She tearfully explained why she was so distraught. I won’t share the specifics but will say it that I believe many people dealing with what she is facing would probably cry a lot and need hugs too. I offered as a gift one of my books that I believed might help her to get through such difficult times. She thanked me. We hugged again, and then she was gone. May she find the strength and hope to get through such dark times, and may her tears be healing until they can become joyous.

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Today’s Quote

May we all have the courage to endure our darkest hours and emerge into the sunlight to share our gifts with the world.

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Soul Gatherings

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world,
the master calls a butterfly.

~ Richard Bach ~

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Living in Alice’s Wonderland


I opened a door in our hallway half expecting to see our old water heater encased in in it’s 3′ x 3′ closet–the only view I’d seen there since we moved into our home in 1989. Instead, I experienced an almost spiritual, other-worldly view: Darkness gradually turning to light so bright that the last third or more of the depth of the project is hidden. Perhaps it’s a reminder to keep my eyes on the prize and how much better our home will be when the project is done. Perhaps it’s a reflection of life itself.

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