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It Pays to Read the Fine Print

A woman won $10,000 when she read a secret contest embedded into an insurance companies fine print. $10,000 fine print I saw the article via Leo @ Not All News is Bad, and May all your days be filled … Continue reading

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Full Circle Surprise Reunion

Surprise Reunion Two men got the surprise of their lives during a routine traffic stop. Snippet: “A traffic stop led to a surprise reunion between a New Jersey state trooper and a retired police officer who delivered him as a … Continue reading

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A New Ride for an Inspiring Lady

Here’s a story that brightened my day and put a smile on my face. “For years, Debra Davis has been a loving role model for her local high school students … So as a means of repaying Davis for her years … Continue reading

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Twenty People Relay a Dog 3,000km Home

20 People and a Coonhound A group of twenty volunteers relayed a coonhound 3,000km back to his home. It’s quite a story. Sources:  Leo @ Not All News is Bad, and With Love, Russ

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A Wonderful Accident

Scientists accidentally identified an enzyme that eats plastic and are now optimizing it to devour plastic 1,000 times faster! Plastic could be broken down into its component parts in a year or two instead of hundreds of years or longer. … Continue reading

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I Suspect Students Will Love This

Education Orders of Magnitude Better A 21-year-old’s company could change the world in profound ways. Here are some snippets of an article of a way to custom-tails education to the way that works best for each student “Once it’s plugged into … Continue reading

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Another Huge Win for Humankind

Polio, a terrible and tragic crippler of millions of young children when I was growing up appears about to be eradicated. I just read an article that included this from snippet from Bill Gats: “…humanity could see its last case … Continue reading

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Good News for Most Coffee Drinkers

This is excellent news for non-pregnant coffee drinkers. Excellent news for coffee drinkers Sources: Knowable Magazine, Leo @Not All News is Bad I think I’ll go brew another cup and drink to my health. With Love, Russ    

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Modern Mouse is Featuring My Books

I’m delighted to announce that Premiere gift shop Modern Mouse in Alameda, California will be soon be featuring in their store and on their website all five of my children’s picture books they were considering!: Wilbur the Duck Who Flew … Continue reading

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Queen for a Day and Well-Deserved

Queen for a Day I was delighted by this story of how a 77-year-old custodian touched the lives of so many that they gave her the first birthday party she’d ever had. And what a party it was! With Love, … Continue reading

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