When All Hell Breaks Loose

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My latest western is now on sale on Amazon as an ebook! The paperback version should be available by tomorrow. I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d help spread the word!

When All Hell Breaks Loose

This book features one of my favorite characters: Leith Longshot Hanson

When All Hell Breaks Loose

During the Civil War young Leith Hanson quickly becomes known as the best shot in his unit. He is so accurate that he earns the nickname Longshot and is selected for a special sharpshooter unit. After the war, Longshot just wants to put the war behind him and move on with his life, but friends from those bloody days need a man with his special skills to help them overcome terrible odds. Four stories in this one book:

 Too Many Notches Carved in My Soul

Longshot is called upon to help a former brother in arms is about to lose his farm and possibly his life and the lives of his family due to the greed of a powerful man with Napoleonic ambitions.

 War Wounds

Some war wounds can’t be seen and never heal. Sometimes, even the invisible ones get infected and the poison keeps growing until their victims believe there is only one thing left to do. A friend from the war requests help from his sharpshooting friend when it seems everyone turns against him.

 School of Hostages

A letter from a woman who claims to be the wife of a man Longshot thought was killed in the war begs Leith to come save their town’s children who are all being held hostage in their school by a ruthless and man and his gang.

 Annie’s Longshots

Newly widowed Annie Davenport fights for the life of her little boy and herself, and to save her ranch. She faces a deadly drought, an evil man who threatens to steal her ranch if she doesn’t marry him, and horse thieves that steal the herd that might have saved her family and spread. At the end of her rope, Leith Hanson has an idea that might help her to survive, but it means they’ll both have to risk it all in a longshot struggle to survive. This tale was derived and inspired by a short story found in my earlier work. Now readers can learn more about Annie Davenport and Leith Longshot Hanson in this expanded work.

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