Slices of Life Update

Heart Whispers and Palpable Imaginings have been released and are available on Amazon. Slices of Life still needs more content. It has a lot of stories (a lot more than Palpable) but the stories are much shorter. Palpable has about 32,500 words and I’ve decided that 37,500 to 40,000 words would have been better as it is slightly on the thin side.

Slices currently has about 24,000 words. For some reason, good non-fiction stories are much harder to obtain and typically much shorter, so it is taking far longer than I imagined to publish Slices. Also, this month a key focus has been on writing and sending quarterly letters for my wealth management Clients. Each letter is unique to each Client’s portfolio and I have a substantial number of Clients, so it is a time-consuming endeavor. I get paid quarterly, and only after the letters go out, so it important to me that the first month of each quarter be largely devoted to that task. It is my hope and plan to put much more focus on Slices of Life in August once all the July activities are dealt with and now that Heart Whispers and Palpable Imaginings have been released.

I apologize for the delay.

With Love,

About russtowne

I'm awed by the beauty of nature and the power of love and gratitude. Some of my favorite sensory experiences include waves crashing on rocky shores, waterways in ancient redwood and fern-filled forests, and rain. My wife and I have been married since 1979. We have 3 adult children and 5 grandchildren. I manage a wealth management firm that I founded in 2003. My Beloved is a Special Education teacher for Kindergartners and First Graders. I'm a published author of approximately 60 books in a variety of genres for grownups and children.
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7 Responses to Slices of Life Update

  1. Russ what were the specifications for Slices of Life… Non-Fiction… ie ;number of word, and subject or whatever… Diane

    • russtowne says:

      Thank you for asking, Diane. The primary specs are that they be stories and non-fiction. The length is far less important to me than the content. I seek stories that connect readers to their hearts, spirits, and/or funny bones. Stories that remind them of the goodness and greatness in themselves and others. Celebrations of life, of miracles of all sizes. Stories that lift and help to heal. Examples of courage and perseverance. Stories that elicit tears of the healing or joyous kind. (I don’t ask for much, do I? ;-D! )

  2. testtoday says:

    Testing only … Diane

  3. I am just testing something Russ… Diane

  4. Thanks for stopping by and liking my blog. You’re welcome back anytime. Have a blessed day.

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